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Welcome to Epic Athletic Center, where we specialize in Personal Training programs for athletes of all abilities. Our system allows for the difficulty and intensity of exercises to be carefully prescribed to fit the abilities and needs of each individual athlete. Through years of research, decades of personal experimentation, and hundreds of successfully trained clients from youth to professionals, we have developed the most effective methods of improving athleticism while also drastically reducing the risk of non-contact injuries. Our Personal Training programs will enhance & compliment your sport-specific training by giving you the necessary tools (strength, speed, power, mobility…) to practice and perform at high levels.

By investing in Epic, parents and athletes can be assured that they are in the very best hands to fulfill their full athletic potential. More than just a gym or training facility, Epic provides members with a complete family-like support system, offering guidance in areas such as proper nutrition, goal setting, and emphasizing lifelong healthy living. We also help young athletes discover that hard work, dedication, discipline, and intelligent planning are critical to long-term success. The knowledge gained and habits acquired through Epic will last long beyond any athletic career.

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“I can’t express enough the impact Joe has had on my career and life. The summer I spent training under his guidance was the most valuable training experience I’ve ever had and completely changed my career. Since that time I continue to communicate with him on a regular basis for advice on training and diet. He is the best mind I have come across terms of baseball performance training”.

Personal Training Reston

Ryan Court - Athlete, Seattle Mariners

“I began training with Joe my junior year of high school and continued to come back every offseason in college. Now as a professional, nothing has changed with my dependence on Epic to help maximize my performance on the field. Instead of just giving me a list of exercises to do, Joe makes sure each drill is performed correctly and explains how it will translate to my on field performance. Most importantly I am taking with me a greater understanding of how to keep myself prepared throughout the year. I begin every season with complete confidence that I am at my peak physical condition and Joe helps me get there.”

Personal Training Reston

Michael Katz - 1st Team All-American Baseball

In five years of working with my son, Joe and Brandon have always addressed more than just strength and athleticism; they've also focused on nutrition and hydration, recovery and sleep, and motivation. My son's training program is safe and customized--he spent more than a year developing core strength before he lifted his first weight. This focus on proper technique provided the foundation for incremental improvements in overall strength and throwing velocity and, perhaps most importantly, has kept him injury free and allowed him to pursue his goals on the field.

Personal Training Reston

Al D. - Father Of 1st Team All Met Athlete

“Joe Helisek has been a tremendous resource to my three baseball playing sons. He brings a level of knowledge and expertise on baseball-specific total body well-being that is unique. I have had the opportunity to interact with strength and conditioning guys from top D1 programs and even those who work with professional athletes, and I’ve never seen such a great integration of strength work, flexibility, nutrition, injury management and mental preparation that I have seen with Joe. He is also someone that young men respect and feel very comfortable with based on his ability to connect with them and show quick results. I can’t say enough about what a fabulous resource Joe has been to our family in helping my boys succeed at the High School, College and International levels of baseball.”

Personal Training Reston

Dave M. - Parent

“Joe Helisek and the staff at Epic Training were instrumental in my son’s success athletically. The transformation from the first assessment until he left for college was significant. Epic was able to take a good athlete, and turn him into a more powerful, flexible and quicker athlete. Epic is an intense training system with proven results. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to take their athleticism to the next level.”

Personal Training Reston

Ken B. - Father Of Division 1 Ivy League Pitcher

“My son, Bobby Lam, suffered a torn meniscus and was out of football for an entire season and most of the basketball season. Surgery was a success, 100 percent, but to be on crutches followed by an extended recovery, was a journey my son, and our entire family, had never taken and one that took its toll. And for an active, athletically-minded young man, it was indeed a challenge. But Bobby managed his way through the recovery and emerged surgically-fit but certainly not in shape; in fact, he lost weight and strength. He still had his self-confidence and an intellect that kept him heading in the right direction. But he wanted total recovery…in fact, not just recovery, but excellence in his physical well being. He had much to prove regarding rebounding and excelling. Enter EPIC, a physical training program that goes beyond…

When we enrolled Bobby in EPIC we did not understand the full scope of the program. Yes, physical training was present. You could easily see that from the facility. We did not know the coaches…what an impact they make! We did not see what we initially thought were unintended consequences but later realized were part of the program…the further building of confidence, the maturing process, the focus on health and wellness, not just gaining weight and strength. All-in-all Epic is a program of physical and mental excellence that will surpass any short-term timelines. This program will certainly help Bobby in his young adult life if not longer. The discipline, the healthy diet, the positive can-do attitude and a sense of responsibility to himself will carry-forward for a long time to come.

So what are the ingredients? Attitude, confidence, desire and tenacity from the student. From the program…well, it hard to say. Yes, facility and trainers are important. But just how Joe and Brandon make this happen, I’m not quite sure. It is like the sum of the parts being greater than the whole. It is treating the program as a journey versus an outcome. It is about developing relationships of trust, with others and with yourself. I guess you just need to talk to Joe and Brandon.”

Personal Training Reston

Bob L. - Parent

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